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I’ve been an active advocate in public education for more than 25 years, the last six years as a member of the Board of Education.

Like many of you, I moved to Howard County for its schools.  During my time on the Board, student achievement has continued to improve, and today, nearly 95 percent of our children score proficient or advanced on state tests, and we’ve realized double-digit increases in performance rates for ESOL, Hispanic and African American student groups. Our SAT and ACT scores outpace Maryland and national rates, and we’ve recently been named a “distinguished district” because of our gains in student participation and performance on AP exams.  I’m especially proud of the collaborative work we’ve done in preparing our children to be ready for Kindergarten – readiness percentages have increased from 66% to 89% in this decade.

As a mother, I know that each of my four children needed me for encouragement, help, and more than once, a bit of nagging. As a Board member, I have 50,000 students who need the same care and attention.  Our programs need people to make them  effective – no matter how good our curriculum, interventions, and options are – they need qualified and committed teachers providing instruction.  It is my job to make sure that our teachers have what they need to be successful in the classroom

I have been a Board Member during the worst financial down turn since the Great Depression.  Over this time, I’ve made it my priority to protect the classroom from budget cuts and maximize the effectiveness of resources for our teachers and students.  At the same time, I’ve worked to keep pace with enrollment growth, modernize our older schools, and increase program efficiencies.  In investing our capital, we’re going green in a big way to build sustainability and savings into each of our facilities and all of our operations.

Howard County citizens set the bar high and expect the best.  I’m convinced that our system’s success is due to a long tradition of public participation and partnership. As we build on that success, I’m committed to ensuring the continued participation of everyone in our community.

I believe that our most important job is educating our children and preparing them for their futures.  As a Board member, I promise to continue to listen, do my homework, ask tough questions, and work with integrity in the best interests of our children. We owe them each nothing less than our very best.

I thank you for your past confidence in me and ask again for your vote on November 6th.

In My Own Words:

What is the most important issue to me?

What is the most important issue to my constituents?

What is the role of a member of the Board of Education?


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